Journey to the Cloud

This is my second shot at hosting my blog “in the cloud”. I ran my own infrastructure for quite some time out of my garage. I decided it was too much to maintain on a daily basis when I had kids. I moved some “services” and sites off to vCloud AIR at some point a couple of years ago and after a painful experience, decided to give the industry some time to mature. So I am back at it. So far, my experience with Lightsail is going well.

UPDATE (8/6/2018):

My journey to the cloud is in full swing. While my blog is still hosted on a lightsail instance, my www/homepage is on an EC2 instance, using S3 and Cloudfront for storing/serving images and other static content. I have also created a code deployment pipeline and am using tools like GitHub, Jenkins, and VisualStudio Code more than I ever thought I would. I have created some automation scripts to promote my code from dev (local) to prod (aws) and have plans to introduce configuration management to my environment soon along with additional security measures¬† (IAM) and building a DB-driven application and perhaps messing around with MicroServices at some point. So far the experience has been great. Its nice to click around and get whatever I may need deployed quickly. The monthly bill completely stinks though. Ill have more later but wanted to provide an update on my “Journey”. Cheers!