Rattlesnake Canyon/Mottino Wash

I was invited by a long time friend out on a Jeep run this past weekend. I knew it was with a group of people, I didnt know it was with an official Jeep Club. We took the 210 East to the 15 and exited Bear Valley. It turned into the 18 until we got to El Coyote Loco. We had some good breakfast there with the group and headed out to the start of the trail off the 247 (aka Old Woman Springs Road). Make a right onto Rattlesnake Canyon Road and off you go. (34.355566, -116.664733). You will eventually get to the wash. Make a left and get ready for some difficult trails with lots of big rocks in the way. You will scratch your rims, you will scratch your sliders and you will definitely scratch your under belly skids. But you will have fun doing it. This isnt for the mall crawlers trying to keep their Jeep immaculate. Its a pretty difficult trail so make sure you go with another vehicle and have your recovery gear in working order.

I made a short video of my adventure. You can view it here…