Had a strange interaction with GrubHub this evening. My wife called and ordered some food. They took our order, charged our card, and we waited. Patiently. Until it was “a while”. My wife called the restaurant to find out the status of our order. They said they didnt have the order…

My wife logged into her GrubHub account and the order wasnt there either. I started to question her at this point. This was bizarre. She called GrubHub in front of me and they told her that the order was “blocked” and if we wanted an explanation, we could have one delivered via email and the funds would returned in 3-5 business days.

That’s right…they charged our card, didnt get us our food, and didnt even let us know that our order had been blocked at any point. Theft in my eyes.

An hour later, we are ordering food again. Im going to pick it up and Ill never use GrubHub ever again. Those are some questionable business practices. I could see a business doing that if there was an issue with the credit card or negative feedback on the account or something similar as to where the end user isnt being upstanding. What happened here is beyond me. Ill update this when I get an explanation.

I use GrubHub for business meetings from time to time. I cant even imagine how upset I would be if this had happened under those circumstances.