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Galaxy S21 Ultra – Pic from Video

I bought a shiny new Galaxy S21 Ultra the other day and wanted to try out the “Pic from Video” feature. After pulling my hair out a few times, I resorted to Googling. The hair pulling resumed.

The short answer here is:

Go to Camera

Select Video mode

Click the 5th Icon on the top

Scroll that bar to the right and select 8K/24 (see below)

Shoot your video

From here, Samsung says…”Go to Gallery and click the little icon”…YOU CANT (but dont pull your hair out).

Once you are in the Gallery, click the 3 little dots (ellipses) in the bottom right

Select “Open in Video Player”

NOW, if you click on your screen, you will see a little icon on the top right of the screen and you can pause your video and click the icon to capture a pic.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Completely fraudulent website. Dont order anything from this place. I was looking for a winch for my UTV, it showed on in a Google shopping search at a great price. I ordered it using PayPal and it never showed up but my bank account was charged. All the information in the PayPal transaction had foreign characters (Chinese?), the email address never responded and the tracking information showed that it was delivered on a date BEFORE the ship date. I have filed a claim through PayPal but not holding my breath. Again,…looks like they primarily sell jewelry…TOTAL FRAUD.

UPDATE (3/4/2021): PayPal determined that this was, in fact, a fraudulent website with numerous complaints and refunded me in full.